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Door Rack Painter

Regular Cabinet Door Spray Rack

Regular Cabinet Door Spray Rack

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The regular spray rack can paint any size cabinet door on both sides.

The regular spray rack can also paint regular hollow doors up to 30 pounds maximum per door.

The benefit of having a regular spray rack.
Unlike the rotating spray rack, this rack can spray more oversized cabinet doors and hollow regular doors up to 30 pounds.
The freestanding 30-door or 18-door dry rack would be used for regular hollow doors. (Maximum 9 doors per dry rack and maximum 30 pounds per door)

The only drawback is that this spray rack does not rotate; therefore, the painters must move around a little more when spraying the door.

The regular spray rack works in conjunction with dry racks. This makes it possible to paint and store both sides of the doors at the same time with our 18-door or 30-door dry racks. This single-cabinet door regular spray rack does not include any dry racks. We have several combos for sale that include the regular spray rack and dry racks.

Does not include the dry rack.

Regular spray rack order includes:
• Two sets of cabinet door grip holders and two spray gun holders.
• Rack frames with legs.
• Four Aluminum rods with red and black plastic. (Caps (caps hold the rods in place)

We include assembly instructions and an assembly video link.

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