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About Me

Hello, I'm Jake Schaerer, the inventor behind the revolutionary Door Rack Painting System. My journey in the painting industry spans over four decades, with more than thirty of those years dedicated to running my own painting business.

Throughout my career, I've faced the challenges that come with painting doors the traditional way - standing them up, spraying one side, waiting for it to dry, then repeating the process the next day. It's not just time-consuming, but also messy and inefficient. Add to that the storage issues, and you've got a process that's ripe for improvement.

That's why I designed the Door Rack Painting System. It's a unique solution that allows you to paint both sides of a door, without the mess or the wait. Our unique Drying Racks also solve the storage problem, making the entire process more space-efficient.

The goal? To provide you with an easy, clean, and space-effective unit that doesn't waste your valuable time on setup. With the Door Rack Painting System, you can focus on what you do best - painting.

Here's to a more efficient, less messy future in professional painting.

-Jake Schaerer, Inventor