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Cabinet Paint & 30 Door Dry Rack, Plus 20 Level Wood Rod Shelving

Cabinet Paint & 30 Door Dry Rack, Plus 20 Level Wood Rod Shelving

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Description; Rotating Spray Rack & 30-Door Cabinet Door Dry Rack With Optional Wheels.

The rotating spray and 30-door dry rack can paint and store 30 doors wet on both sides at the same time.

It also includes 20-level 48" wood rod addons, painters can paint one side, and store from 40 to 60 cabinet doors painted on one side.

The same rotating platform can convert into a one-side door painting system; this works best with the wood roods that are included in this combo system.

We have been selling the 30-door dry rack with wheels since 2008. This rack was newly improved in 2022 to make it lighter than the older version and, therefore, much easier to assemble and transport.
Because it is a lot lighter, it is much less expensive to ship than the older version. 
It’s effortless to assemble and can easily be moved from one job site to another.

Many painters like to paint the primer and the first finish coat on both sides at the same time with the aluminum rods, then use the wood rods to paint one side at a time for the final coat.

Rotating Spray Rack: (Sawhorse is not included)
1. Two sets of cabinet door grip holders.
2. Two “U” Metal rack fixtures with screws.
3. Four Aluminum rods with red and black plastic caps (caps hold the rods in place)
4. A rotating platform
5. Two spray gun holder hooks (to screw in the side of the sawhorse)
6. Four bolt screws with plastic caps. (To place the door and paint one side)
7. Two brackets to attach the rotating rack to the sawhorse. 

30-Door Dry Rack
1. Two sets of cabinet door grip holders and wood rods.
2. 122-bend aluminum rods with red and black plastic caps. (Caps hold the rods in place) 
3. Four rack poles with the legs, plus screws to assemble.


  • Wheels

We include assembly instructions and an assembly video link.

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