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10 Doors Paint Storage Blocks - No Spray Bocks

10 Doors Paint Storage Blocks - No Spray Bocks

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 This dry rack can store an additional 10 heavy and medium-sized doors on both sides. Click the video for more details. (Sold since 2012)

The 10-door Heavy door storage rack works in conjunction with our spray blocks, which can make it possible by spraying and storing both sides of the doors at the same time. Ten Door Drying Storage Blocks without Spray Blocks.

Please go check out our complete 10-door Painting System With Spray Blocks Combo.

Doors Paint Storage Blocks With No Spray Bocks.

  • Forty holding door blocks for 10 doors
  • Forty 5″ stainless steel holding screws
  • Twenty 5″ Stainless steel swivel screws
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